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  • Absolutely not! Although we have individuals with gymnastics and dance backgrounds, many of our students have no experience at all and they still have a blast. Classes are designed for individuals to work through the skills and tricks at their own pace, building muscle and flexibility as they go.

  • ¬†All of our classes are taught by trained and certified individuals with years of experience in the discipline and in teaching.

Our standard class includes a warm-up, stretching, conditioning and time to learn and work on skills/tricks.

Beginner students should wear comfortable fitted clothes (long pants) and intermediate to advanced students should wear shorts. Bare feet is best. Please bring water as well and refrain from applying any sunscreens, oils or lotions to your hands or body up to 12 hours prior to your class as this could hinder your ability to grip the pole safely. Also, it's important to leave your rings at home as you'll be asked to remove them in the studio.