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Pole dancing is a combination of dance and gymnastic moves performed around a vertical pole in a flowing, graceful routine.

6 Week Classes

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You will perform dance movements on and off the chair and move your upper body with the beat of the music. Chair dancing is full of fun where you do aerobics with music, and thus, your body gets proper exercise too.


Looking for a way to spice up your bachelorette party or girls night out? Join us for a 1.5 hour lesson on the Pole in the privacy and comfort of the studio located in the heart of Niagara Falls.

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Crystal Holly

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Pole Fitness is not only a wonderful way to express yourself but also a fantastic spare time activity

Pole dancing is growing in popularity as a form of exercise, with an increased awareness of the fitness benefits.

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Pole Fitness Is Serious Exercise

Stripper lore notwithstanding, pole dancing traces its roots to the ancient Indian sport of mallakhamb, in which gymnasts perform intricate poses and feats of strength on a vertical pole. Its ancestry also includes Chinese pole acrobatics, a staple of circus acts the world over.

There are many different kinds of pole moves including; spins, poses, floor work, dance and transitional moves, pole to floor and floor to pole moves and inversions.

Classes start at a beginner level to build the foundations and you can progress through the levels at your own pace.



Pole fitness offers myriad benefits, both physical and psychological


Pole Fitness allows you to build a completely different type of relationship with yourself

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move your body

dancing connects your body and soul

What if we told you that you could  fit & have fun at the same time!

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The contradiction between this exacting physical discipline and its seedy origin story just may be the key to its popularity. The required training and skills attract athletes looking for a new challenge, but the added kick of being able to merge the athletic with the sexy is an allure for many women.

It can help you lose weight and build strength, mobility, and endurance, and there are aerobic perks as well.

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Pole Fitness will boost your confidence and self esteem through a fun yet challenging workout.

Once you start to see results it will become an addiction.


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